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9.0.0en 3a2a6c48fc7df14eb6d44f059c72e89b 180716101953s9�NewAdd to Speed DialEdit Speed DialSettings Ad BlockerCancelGoSelect a default search engineSearchClick here to pin sites to launcher later!URL BookmarksAdd to Home Screen Speed DialThere is no history for now.List is currently empty. Add BookmarkNotification Type SettingsAgree and Enter!Failed to select files from AlbumCancelOK0Only 3 tabs can set Auto-Refresh simultaneously All Rights Reserved'No Google Play installed on this device UC BrowserAuto update on Wi-FiInsufficient storage spaceopen BookmarksPlease select a bookmark fileBookmark opened in backgroundExportImportSyncBackURL:Path:Bookmark file name is requiredTitle:Bookmark title requiredBookmark URL required.Page redirection, resend data to new location?Sure to submit?1Re-submit data will be processed again. Continue? Redirection Page InfoLaterTry itLoading channels failedFailed to start cameraWe need camera permission to scan QR code.CThe current storage card is unavailable, please choose another one.Cancel(Failed to switch, please try again laterAlready selected "%1$s" CancelPhoto dimension Photo sizeRetry Take photoFailUploadUseUpdate in Background4Failed to get the file for upgrade. Try again later. It's already the latest version. Please waitChecking for updatesUpgrade to U3 kernelGetting the file for upgradeClearClear browser historyDone Clear Records%Your History records will be cleared."Clear all the content in clipboard No content Close TabOK Confirmation(The bookmark already exists, replace it?-The bookmark file already exists, replace it?Delete Delete All Delete FolderEditOpen in New Tab Edit FolderCopy Link TextNew Tab Save Link Save ImageInfoCopyCutDeletePasteRename Speed DialDeleteOpen in New Tab ClipboardCopyCutPasteSelect Select AllAddDeleteTwo RowsEditLock Three RowsUnlockOpen in BackgroundOpen in New Tab Input MethodSave Full Size ImagePin to launcherBackBackClear Clear allClearForwardHome New FolderMenuNewOKStopManageTab!Copyright © 2008-2018 UCWeb Inc.Replace1You can view real-time results of cricket matchesCricket Live ScoreVAdd "Live Cricket Score" to notification bar? You can easily turn off/on at "Setting".Live Cricket Score %s data savedLikeData saving: %s Total: %sClean Saved: %sDATA SAVING FEATURESSpeed Mode & Data SavingDay ModeGoogleWeb4ext:as:lp_se-00-S1001: Remove TaskDeleted from bookmarksDeleteDelete all tasks?DeleteDelete all downloaded tasks?Delete all downloading tasks?Delete the selected tasks?VTry the mobile version of Youtube. It may bring you a better video playing experience.Create a UC icon on desktop?!Delete all folders and bookmarks?Delete all history records?Delete the bookmark Delete file Delete folder9This file doesn't support pause-and-resume, sure to stop?Failed to copy Failed to cutFolder name cannot be emptyDuplicate file name File Path:Size:Failed%Folder name cannot include \/:?\"<>|Date Modified:Exit UC Browser?Failed to rename%Same file already exists. Replace it? Not enough space on SD cardProcessing... please wait. Page URL:Copy Link URL: Image URL:SucceedTitle:Save passwordsReplace the saved password?Save passwords?TitlePin to launcher Delete AllDelete BookmarksDelete file/folder Delete FolderPauseEdit BookmarksInfo New Folder New FolderNight Mode BrightnessScroll Options Please SelectRename Edit FolderReplace Choose FromCopyPlease select the folderRootFolder already existsFolder cannot be emptyClose all tabs and clear browsing history?Exit Incognito BrowsingNoYesAlways Auto SaveCancelOKSave3Do you want to set UC Mini as your default browser?DCheck the option "Use by default for this action" and choose UC MiniHotlist Downloads File ManagerDon't ask againPlease enter a file nameComment Safe scanAvailable:%1$s, Total:%2$sGot itKNot enough space to download. Please delete other files to free some space.This video is being downloadedFailed to download this videoThis video is downloadedYou are downloading this videoThis video is being downloadedFThis video is already downloaded. You can find it in download manager.DSomething wrong with this video file. Please try to watch it online. Speed boosting engine is enabledContinueByte Downloaded DownloadedDownload Notice Connecting:Link Expired. Re-click previous link to continue download.CancelGo Link Expired?Do you want to change the link and continue download this task? Task name:NoYesServer Problem>Insufficient storage. Please delete some files and then retry.Failed.[%1$s]already exists, sure to download again? File name:UnknownFilename High riskFile downloaded. Install it?File downloaded. Open it?Insufficient storageLow riskDownload manager Medium riskSet as ringtoneFailed to set ringtoneRingtone set successfullySet as wallpaperFailed to set wallpaperWallpaper set successfullyNopeTry UC Download Mode !'Download faster with UC download Mode ?1Do you want to see the download button next time?NeverYesTry it for freeMore Not SupportedCompleteFailed %s remainingDownload path: SupportedPause-and-Resume:Network unavailablePlease connect device to available networkNot enough space.Please free [%s] space to continue downloadingPausedWeak network signal-We need storage permission to download files. Preparing Retrying(%s) Save path:Downloaded size: Scanning...Search for similar resources?Safe File size:EPresent SD card is full. Do you want to change to be another SD card? Task detail.Download task [%1$s] already exists. Continue?WaitingSearch or Type URLExport BookmarksFailed( Backup bookmarks to /sdcard/UCfavorite/Cancel9Data in this folder will be cleared if UC is uninstalled.Sure to continue?Due to Android Policy,WarningYes:A few seconds later, you will get this fantastic function!GFacebook authorization failed. Please log in Facebook again on website.Facebook MessageYour friend updated his status.tTurn on Facebook Notification on lock screen to receive Facebook new messages quickly without unlocking your screen.Facebook Notification:Turn on Facebook message, you can receive message in time.Play a sound when notified.0Now you will receive notification from Facebook. Here you can set FB notificationLog in your FB account9After logging in, you can receive FB Message immediately.DAfter logout,you will no longer receive any infomation from Facebook+Exit?Your FB account will also log out!PTurn it on, you can receive timely Messages and Notifications from your friends.&Notify you when a message is received..Notify you when a FB notification is received.Facebook NotificationsMessage NotificationYou've received messagesYou've received notificationsMessage preview NotificationFaceBook for UCLight up Screen(Light up screen when new message arrivesLock screen notifications]Turn it on,you can receive Messages and Notifications from your friends when screen is lockedUOver 60% users choose to browse Facebook via UC Mini, saving up to 45% data. Try NOW!60%45%NTo receive timely messages from FB on UC Mini, please install Google Play App.ITo receive timely messages from FB on UC Mini, please log in Google Play.Customer service(Something went wrong,please send againGuestSENDAnything you want to tell us?1Please wait while we are processing your request.#You've got a new reply from Miss UCCheckEDear user, you've got a new reply to your feedback. Check it out now.Contact'Please describe the problem in details.Email or Whatsapp IDSomething went wrong,please sumbit again"Click here to enter UC Help Center&Input the link of the problem details.No network connection!5You feedback will be saved.|n Please submit it later.Problem DetailsProblem you encounteredSUBMITThank you for you feedback!LYou will receive a reply within 24 hours.|n Please check "History" to reviewDetailsfeedbackFeedback history New FeedbackIt is the root folderPlease select a filePlease select the documentFilesSD card not found-The file does not exist, it might be deleted.The file is not in SD cardOperation failureSave asEThe current site limit to upload this type of file, please re-select.9File size over maximum size %1$.2f%2$s, please re-select.FilenameFilename required+Download diverse contents up to 32% faster.+Watch local videos as smoothly as possible.,Faster access to all your favorite contents. Fast Download Local Video Discover All[Open the score notification card during world cup 2018 to enjoy instant scores information!Soccer Live ScoreDisplay during match onlySoccer Live ScoreText copied. Long press text box to paste.CopySearchSure to update home data?Update home data#Swipe left/right to go forward/backThe number of tabs isFull Screen Settings)Please install Google Play APP and log in1It's available after you logging in google play !4No network, please check your network and then retryG65% speed up for download. Show your support with a five-star rating :)a35% speed-up,10000000+ people like to browse FB via UC.Give a five-star rating to encourage us :) Rate 5 STARsDUC has saved you %s+ data.Give a five-star rating to encourage us :)XOver 100000000+ people surf the web via UC. Show your support with a five-star rating :)Already PinnedOYou can set the tool bar as always visible via Settings > ADVANCED > Customize.HistoryOlderReading HistoryToday Yesterday Manage cardsChangeCards edit savedEnter Manage Cards Discover MoreCard ManagementIToo many cards will make browser laggy,are you sure you want to continue?MoreThe card is moved to topCopyright PolicyUpdateSpeed dial createdUntitled$Clear all speed dials in the folder?DoneThe folder is emptyFolder is fullHome page is fullSpeed dial already existsSlide up to discover more. Do you want to delete this card?Top Hot Sites DiscoveryCancel;There is a problem with this website's security certificateContinueImage have saved at Failed to save imageImage saved successfully at Delete FilesAsscess data failed Channel Edit My Channelsdrag to change orderEditClick Following Channels to AddDone No UpdatesCan't find my language START WITH YOUR LANGUAGECHOOSEChoose News LanguageContinueTap Again to Exit UC News UC News Feedh MY FAVOURITEMatching news for you...Done Start now/Choose your preferences, to see best match newsMY FAVOURITE TOPICSNo Internet Connection1m%Please choose your perfered language:Choose Language:BackRefreshUpdate $ articles for you Load moreNo more No updates Loading...Language Option UC News FeedAbout UsFeedbackLanguageEnglishहिन्दी Indonesianதமிழ் மொழிmClick to retry Save in Batch Download PicDownload Failed,Tap to RetryPic Loading...Tap to Load PicRecommendationReportInvalid OperationRelease to refresh News LanguageNews Language:$Swipe to go backdIgnore No ConnectionFailedSuccess3You don't have Google Play to install,please check.DetailChannel AddingTrendingLoginSecure your reading preferenceChannelSaved Articles#Fail to save. Something goes wrong. Article saved(The articles you save will display here.%Fail to remove. Something goes wrong.Article removedChangeChange astrologyFortune:Loving:)No Connection,Refreshing Astrology Failed Copy Page URL Share PagePush up to Back to RecommededLIVEPRERSLTNot interested No interestConfirmHide itDelete directlyJust don't likeNews from Sport is unattractingDon't like Sport NewsNo more such recommendationSelect the reason to delete I don't like this story because: I don't like this storyNews$You will see fewer stories like thisOpenDownload RecommendCricket Entertainment Edu & JobNewsLogin with FacebookLoading Login FailedLogin Sucessful Based on your Facebook interests(Personalize your News Feed AutomaticallyTap to see the whole picture Save Image EntertainmentSocietyTrendingCricket LifestyleMore...Personalize your news feed hereYou have disliked itYou have liked itNews refreshed at:NegetivePositive$ people have joinedLog outUC NewsStay Smart, Stay in Trend Check UpdateDebug ConfigureLogin with FacebookFeedback Speed Mode&Turn off images under cellular networkSaved Articles Night Mode%No connection, please try again laterRemoveNot interestedQuit'Turn off images under cellular network?Not now Hide ImagesTurn off4Images won't be loaded when using EDGE/3G/4G networkpicsPull Down to Refresh NotificationsRelease to Back to RecommendedHave been read, tap to refreshTap to RefreshSettingsSharing failedCancel Share LinkMoreDaily hot spotsLIVEPRERSLTEnter into TopicTomorrowStartFinishedUpcomingLiveCommendloadingPush up to Enter into News$Access failed.Click here to refresh.AvatarLocationNameProfileYou have votedReport Font size$ Have Followed $ Have Read#Tap to See the Subscription UpdatesFollow Followers : Unfollowed,No Longer Updates Access FailedFollowed%Followed,Any Updates will be notifiedSee his more articlesSee His Another $ UpdatesUploading font...YTo receive timely messages from FB on UC Mini, please install Google Play App and log in.Connection is availableGPlease check if the filename is too long or contains special charactersEnglish Indonesian Switch it to The current language is Russian Vietnamese in;;mobiLog in Google Play Logging inLogoutTab limit reached Check NetworkUpdate corequotaDebug Downloads Test downloadFacebook Notification Full ScreenHelpBookmark &HistoryIflowRotationRotationLogcat My Videos Show Images Text-OnlyExit Full ScreenAutoExitFeedbackShareSettingsTools Data UsageDoneDoneBugDoneScanning ResultLong press Speed Dial to edit)Sure to delete selected files completely?'"My Videos" has been sent to homescreenNo local video-Do you want to add "My Videos" to homescreen? Rename to Local Videos UC Download martch failedis requesting...,repeatly latermartch successedSite already existsDelete this site? URL is emptySpeed Dial is fullThis URL is incorrectLink cannot be emptyUnpinnedUnpin Pin to TopPinnedPlease check network settingsConnection error0Turn-off speed mode if you want a better display&Turn on speed mode when you feel slow. Night Mode1Failed to load night mode, please try again later Loading...9Night mode is incompatible with the version you are using(No suitable application to open the fileIFound no other apps to play this video. Install a video player and retry.$Found no apps that you can share via No bookmarkNo tasks foundNo Downloaded FilesNo Downloading Files No history.Your browsing records will be shown in HistoryCannot connect to InternetNopeNotification Alert IncognitoExit IncognitoIncognito Browsing is on)Auto-Refresh is unavailable on Start Page@Auto-Refresh is unavailable under WAP Access via Server2013/9/131Auto-Refresh is unavailable in Full Function modeOKError when opening fileOpened in backgroundmThis feature requires ### permission, please go to Settings - Application - UC Mini to grant this permission.)Failed to open, please check file format.Failed to openOpen in New TabNew Tab4Insufficient storage space, some images are missing.Loading page... Loading...[Move the button to where you want. Use it by clicking to go the top or bottom of the page. Failed to load the page Page InfoSelect and CopyCameraLocationPhoneStorageSet Now;You may miss personalized service without phone permission.Join Now>Authorize and join uc mini improvement to get related service.GWe need your phone permission to offer personalized and better service.Details View with Open ImageLoadingVisit %s in a flash!Pin it to launcherPin itRVideo format may not be supported. Do you want to play it with other video player?ESomething wrong with your network connection. Please try again later.ISomething wrong happened when playing this video. Please try again later.Complete action usingPlease Enter Interval(s)DownloadCancelDownload the plug-in?!Failed to download missing pluginLoading, please wait...Missing pluginRetry NotificationNot a Flash plug-in!Restart UC Browser to use plug-inFailed, not enough memory.Install plug-in now?Installed Flash plug-inInstall plug-in Installing... Bitmap Font3Can't see fonts like Hindi and Tamil? Turn this on.Clear Input History CLEAR RECORDSClear Browsing HistoryBackground download%Continue to download after exiting UCSure to reset?!Improve image quality under Wi-FiSwipe forward&backwardFGo forward & backward by swiping screen. Only available in speed mode. Clear Cache Clear CookiesClear Login RecordsSet as default browserNotify when finished Download pathSound notificationNight mode brightnessScroll button position Image qualityReceive UC Messages Quick Access Quick SearchRESET TO DEFAULTSave passwords Max Downloads Font sizeConfirm on exitWap access via serverWi-Fi OptimizationPage segment sizeLanguageOnly available in speed mode!Maximize your view when scrolling?cut webpage into segments to reduce load time on mobile networkNotification Shortcuts2Always choose mobile version when visiting YoutubeADVANCEDBrowserCheck for updateClear records...CLOUD ACCELERATION Appearance DownloadsDownload locationExternal storage cardHide bottom barDefault storage cardNetwork Page segmentPAGE PRELOADINGPreloading typePreload pages only on Wi-FiSCROLL OPTIONSSecurityYoutube always mobile versionTitleForward to next preloaded pagePrivacy Policy and )By using UC Mini Browser you agree to ourJust In"Just In" NotificationSearch:Add to homescreen,a new way to connect the world faster. Quick Search]Add the "Quick Search Shortcut" to notification bar? You can easily turn off/on at "Setting".Quick Search Shortcut Quick Search Some tasks are in process. Exit? Enter Reader Recommended$Do you want to reopen previous tabs?1Interval should be more than 30 and less than 999DFile with the same name already exists, please use another filename.3Illegal characters in file name have been filtered.DoneRestartRestart selected tasks?+SD card unavailable. Cannot save this page.&Please save it again after you open it9The format has been changed, click to get the page again. Save Page-File name already exists, please input again.$File name can not include \/:?\"><|File name is too longFile name can not be empty5Please save after loading completely (include images)Saved to*Cannot save the page in Full Function modesave Save LinkScanning Contacts...CancelSearchLook what you have foundTry to swipe rightSearch"Click here for a new way to searchSelected&Bookmark with same name already existsName cannot be blankPinned to home screenAboutAbout UCAdvancedBrowser LanguageGeneralHelp and Feedback NotificationRate usScroll Settingsshared by UC Mini Share viaAdd to BookmarksAdd to SpeedDialQR CodePin to Launcher Speed Mode Save Page Quick SearchDetailsRenameApplyFailed to install Installed)Failed. Not a theme for Android platform."Failed. Not a suitable resolution.-The data of installed theme may be incompleteRemove UninstalledFailed. Not a suitable version.kInsufficient storage available. This may cause download failure. Please free up some space before download./Download failed because of insufficient storage+We need storage permission to manage files.VSorry, above Android 7.1.1, the Hotspot must be opened by yourself. Please go to open.WAbove Android 8,the system can not close Hotspot automatically,please close by yourselfExit�Sorry, above Android 8, the system can not open Hotspot automatically, please ask your friends (devices below Android 8) to click the Receive Button,

    and then you click the Send Button.OKOr scan the QR code/Ask friends to connect to my following Hotspot:/Ask friends open the browser and enter the URL: not open app:CancelSure    That's OK

Close DatafWe strongly recommend that you close mobile data! Your friend may be able to use your mobile data…Are you sure to disconnect?TipsWarning(%s)You have no %s files&Easy and fast sharing files to friendsfile not existCloseOpen� The location service is off, might fail to find the receiver. Android 6.0 (marshmallow) devices need to turn on Location service to transfer.、Click Menu in Browser0、Click the Downloads Button in the Menu Window/、Click the 'UC Share' icon in Downloads Tab. help User guide�、One phone tap 'Send', and the another tap 'Receive'. Once a connection is successfully made, you can select and transfer whatever you have to your friends. Share quickly�1、UC Share is a good file transfer tool. Recommand your friends open %1$s (version request above %2$s). If them have no this app or their versions are too old, you can share it./sent-Success! Waiting for your friend to connect Connect error,please try again The friend is busy,try another"You had been refused,try another#Connect time out,please try againConnection-successful Connecting...Prepare contents, please wait)Fail to create hotspot. Please try again!$Connection failed. Please try again!RECEIVE&There is no friends,please try again)Fail to find your friend,please try again#Tap your friend's avatar to connect+The WiFi had been closed, please try again.'Searching for your friend to connect...SENDInviteDeleteInstallLookOpenPlay:Tell friends: UC Mini - Menu - Downloads - UC Share - Send Don't remind again(Sorry, your phone has no bluetooth GPS fail ,please try againCamera My photosSD CardSelected %d, sendHotspot-Fail to get the permission, please try again. BluetoothInviteShare with BluetoothDownload from Internet:Enter#Friends have no %s. How to share?,Share failed, because the file is not exist.QR CODE Please scan the code to download/Free mobile data usage sharing between friends:/total /sSTEPApps downloadedFilesHistoryMusicPhotosReceivedSentVideoReceivedSent /totalTimehourmin/remainsecBackUC ShareRecordRename File ErrorThe connection is shut downCreate File ErrorFile Is IncompleteFile Name Or Content Is EmptyDevice Has No Enough SpaceFile offset errorOpen File ErrorServer no response Unknown ErrorWriting File ErrorFailedSuccess&Invite the other to update the version Please update the latest version Hotspot SharePress again to exit application Current storage card unavailable�Notice: UC Browser requires network access via your mobile device. The generated data usage fee will be charged according to your data plan. For details, please contact 10000. Do you agree? UC BrowserOKQuitNo More Notification Terms of UseCopied to the clipboardFolder name is too longYAn error has occured with the url of the site, please try again or contact the webmaster.Tip/Speeding up and Saving data service is stopped./UC MINI is Speeding up and Saving data for you!Link text copied to clipboardFound no app to open this fileSlide on page to select textAd Blocker is offAd Blocker is onImage quality changed to %1$-4s`You can change Youtube version settings in Settings > Bandwidth > Youtube Always Mobile Version.Text-Only is offText-Only is on$Wi-Fi interrupted, download stopped.Top/Bottom button Clear Data% of Data Saved:Received Data: Saved Data: Total Data Saved by UC: Data Usage: UC bookmark backupCancel Please Select Data clearedOKDetailsTotal Data Savings:2:Activate built-in browser to download and install9:Activate built-in browser to download and open the file"Download startedAll)Your phone does not support this app type Bookmark SyncBrowse..CancelOKConnection failedDownload::Download the file and save it to your phone by UC Browser'Failed to download. Please retry later.Download Manager Downloaded Downloaded DownloadingGoodInstallStop loading flash?Maximum Tab Number6Please contact your local operators for a GRPS serviceFAn error occurred with the current network. Please check your network.):Not recommended, only for advanced usersOpenSThe page may be down temporarily, or been transferred to a new address permanently.Page not foundPause Please selectPlug-in Cancel downloading this plug-in?Preview: view files directlyReset(Please restart UC Browser to take effectSave-SD card unavailable. Downloading task paused. StatisticsSubmitTips Notification UC Browser HYou cannot send emails because your phone does not support this app typeUpgrade NotificationUpgrade to U3 KernelUploadUploading dataWaitFile type is not recognizedUnnamed%The current network is not available.New version(%1$s)found+New version found. Go to the download page?�New version found. But it hasn't gone through comprehensive compatibility tests. Please choose carefully. Enter the download page?Upgrade to the latest version?vThe new version hasn't gone through comprehensive compatibility tests. Please choose carefully. Still want to upgrade?Upgrade?.Upgrade to the new version without data usage?UpdateFast, Zero Data UpdateNever ask me again No Connection No UpdateTry NowLaterNew Version FeaturesCheck For UpdateUC NEWSUpgrade Version New VersionFStill haven't upgraded yet? %s %% of users have upgraded. Upgrade NOW!Brand New UC %sUpgrade3New version download finished!Upgrade it right now! UC Browser Show LaterLDownload the full version of UC Browser to have a better surfing experience!Upgrade to %s?4One uploading task at a time, please upload it later Upload failedPost done! Click to view.Uploading filesUploading post. You can browse others now. You are using the latest versionNoticeGot it!Check your download progress here4Try Incognito Browsing here to protect your privacy.-Try Night Mode here to read more comfortably? UC Message"Close""Next"UC Message(%1$s)GOops, the video player has crashed. Would you like to resume the video?ResumeVideo Play CrashedDownload Play OnlinePreviewLaterView Page InfoScribbleMaximum number of tabs reached$ Fit to Screen Zoom Mode Local UploadCamera File Manager navi_google navi_facebook navi_youtubeGoogleFacebookYoutube0ext:as:lp_sd-10011-U36830:*11-U36831:*11-U36865: problemFacebook problemCrash(hang or force close) Video problemPage Viewing problems Lag problemOthersUC HelpUpdate Check Network Local UploadCamera File ManagerUDisk JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecError Ошибка Bị lỗiErorErroTap screen to scrollVolume keys(+-)Scroll buttons on screen�next,next>,next>>,next>>>,next>>>>,next›,next››,next›››,next››››,next»,next»»,next?,next >,next >>,next >>>,next >>>>,next ›,next ››,next ›››,next ››››,next »,next »»,next ?next page,next page>,next page>>,next page›,next page››,next page»,nextpage,nextpage>,nextpage>>,nextpage›,nextpage››,nextpage»,next page >,next page >>,next page ›,next page ››,next page »,nextpage >,nextpage >>,nextpage ›,nextpage ››,nextpage »next chapter,[next chapter]5next section,next screen,[next section],[next screen]Xsee more stories,load older tweets,tap to load more tweets,continue…,show more resultsXnext image>>,next image››,next image»,next image >>,next image ››,next image »u>,>>,>>>,>>>>,[>],[>>],[>>>],[>>>>],->,->>,->>>,->>>>,[->],[->>],[->>>],[->>>>],››,›››,››››,»,»» UC Browser UC Thunder Ask to open Never askHighNormalLowAuto LandscapePortraitEnglishBahasa IndonesiaTiếng ViệtРусскийEspañol PortuguêsOff WAP pages All pagesLeftRight012 Text-OnlyLowNormalHigh0234OffTextText and Image012No Ask to Save Auto SaveSmallMediumLarge012No Page Segment50K100K150K050100150Extreme AutomaticOff?Maximizes data savings, some websites may not work as expected.9Dynamically adjusts settings for optimal user experience.+Disables all enhancements and data savings.100%300%500%AdaptiveOriginal Image

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